Saturday, April 21, 2018

Today’s Workplace

  1. She gave the President the finger. Employer gave her the boot.
    Juli Briskman was on her own time, riding her bicycle, when President Trump’s motorcade drove by. She expressed her personal feelings with a middle finger salute, not realizing that a news reporter had captured her gesture on camera. She abruptly lost her job after the photo went viral on social media. Her employer, a government […]
  2. New Jersey to be tenth state with paid sick leave, but the U.S. stays at the bottom worldwide
    More than a million workers will be getting paid sick leave soon after New Jersey’s legislature has passed a bill, which Gov. Phil Murphy has said he supports. That makes New Jersey the tenth state to require paid sick leave, and the second to do so in 2018, but New Jersey’s path to this point has […]
  3. Arizona teachers could be next to go on strike
    Arizona teachers will begin voting on whether to strike on Tuesday. The voting will go on for three days. Although Gov. Doug Ducey (R) announced a proposal to raise teacher pay by 20 percent by 2020, which state lawmakers will debate this week, teachers say his proposal doesn’t address education cuts over the past decade or large […]
  4. 12 Things We've Learned About the GOP Tax Bill
    President Donald Trump and congressional Republicans rushed to pass the 2017 Tax Cuts and Jobs Act in December 2017, leaving very little time for public scrutiny or debate. Here are a few things we have learned since the GOP tax bill passed. 1. It Will Encourage Outsourcing: An April 2018 report by the nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office confirms […]
  5. Acosta Refuses To Commit to Preserving OSHA Recordkeeping Rule
    In a hearing before the Senate Appropriations Committee today, Secretary of Labor Alex Acosta today refused to commit not to rescind OSHA’s electronic recordkeeping rule. The rule, issued in 2016, requires employers to send injury and illness information into OSHA and prohibits employers from retaliating against workers for reporting injuries. The electronic recordkeeping rule has three major parts, […]
  6. Tesla Workers Say Elon Musk is a Union Buster. The NLRB Just Gave Their Case a Boost.
    Tesla factory workers have been trying for months to win restitution for the company’s alleged union-busting and harassment. Now, a National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) complaint against the company appears to be making strides. Last August, the NLRB filed a complaint against Tesla after finding merit in a number of accusations from employees at its […]
  7. Massachusetts Moves Forward on Protecting Public Employees. But millions remain without protection.
    Question 1: What did the following workers have in common? Mercer County village worker killed in industrial accident MENDON, MERCER COUNTY, OH — A Village of Mendon employee was killed in an industrial accident Thursday at the village utility department, Mercer County Sheriff Jeff Grey said. Brendan Poling, 49, had climbed inside the bed of a dump […]
  8. 11 Things You Need to Know on Equal Pay Day
    Equal Pay Day calls attention to the persistent moral and economic injustice working women face. For a woman to earn as much as a man, she has to work a full year, plus more than a hundred extra days, all the way to April 10. The problem is even worse for women of color, LGBTQ […]
  9. Kentucky lawmakers put decisions on black lung treatments in hands of industry-paid doctors
    The political assault on science in the age of Trump has reached a point where even medical specialties are rising up in protest. Radiologists are fighting back against a new Kentucky law that excludes them from the black lung claims process for coal miners in the state. Under the new legislation, if a miner files a […]
  10. Most Americans think teachers are underpaid. Here's the graph that shows how right they are.
    Are teachers underpaid? Teacher pay has been in the news recently as a wave of teacher walkouts and strikes has hit red states like West Virginia, Oklahoma and Kentucky, and a recent CBS News poll found that most people say yes. Overall, 68 percent of people said teachers were underpaid, but there were striking regional differences, […]